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What do you wear for a 6-mile walk?

Chris Hudson

10 June 2024

Have you ever stopped to consider how far it is we walk during an average round of golf?

The game can be so gripping from tee to green that our focus takes over, and a 15-minute hole can seemingly go by in the blink of an eye. The reality is, we end up walking around 6-miles when we play a standard 18 holes of golf.

It may sound like a long distance, but when you take into account the standard course yardage contributing to our step count, as well as navigating to the left and right of the fairway, doubling back on ourselves and looking for balls, and walking from one hole to the next, it can end up being a long time spent on our feet.

Another thing to consider is that in the runup to summer, the weather’s getting hotter, and the ground’s going to get firmer, and take more impact, making our feet feel heavier as we stroll along.

Activity in the hotter weather is also going to make us sweat more as we walk the golf course, so it’s important we’re equipped with clothing that will keep us feeling light and cool for the duration of the time we’re playing golf.


It’s simply a case of making sure that you’re best equipped for the activity you’re embarking on. If you were mountain hiking, you’d want your boots to protect your feet as you scale the difficult terrain. The same premise is applied to golf, you want shoes that are comfortable, grippy, and keep your spirits up as you play your round.

It goes without saying that when you’re walking around and shifting your golf gear for over four hours at a time, you’re going to need comfortable golf shoes that will keep up with your step count!

In the pro shop we stock all kinds of golf shoes, and the latest offerings from Puma are a real treat to wear throughout the warmer months. Today we’d like to walk you through what makes these shoes such a necessary part of your summer golf outfit.


Puma Avant golf shoes

Puma makes excellent golf shoes, and this year’s Avant shoes will keep your feet feeling snug and comfortable at every stage of the golf course. The interior features Puma’s Profoam EVA midsole that offers excellent support the entire time you’re wearing your shoes.

The Shoes have a stellar construction, and the premium full grain leather upper on that sits over your feet provides excellent feel in all conditions while looking stylish too. A comfort collar lining in the interior helps your feet into the shoes and makes them a joy to wear and remove each time.

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Besides feeling fantastic to wear, the Avant shoes provide a phenomenal grip against any surface you’ll encounter walking the golf course. Puma’s Radical Traction Tech consists of strategically placed ridges on the sole that keep your stance sturdy so you won’t slip mid golf swing.

With a spikeless TPU outsole, you’ll have stable footing at every section of the golf course. The sole is comprised of a unique studded design that makes them stylish and perfect for use both on and off the golf course.


Puma Ignite Elevate golf shoes

The Ignite Elevate golf shoes have a fantastic trainer-like construction that will make your feet feel right at home as you’re making your way around the golf course. The interior Ignite Foam provides excellent cushioning for your feet and offers energy return to keep you going on the back 9 holes.

With Puma’s PWRSADDLE tech, the Ignite Elevate shoes feature a lightweight TPU saddle that makes them very lightweight to keep you feeling content and happy for hours on end.

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These shoes don’t just feel amazing, they provide you with a stable underfoot base to make sure you have nothing but absolute focus when you step up to the ball. The concentric traction elements make sure you get a solid, sturdy grip no matter the lie or force from the swing that’s applied. The softspikes on the sole make these shoes perfect for wearing both on and off the course.

Should you be on the hunt for new golf shoes this season and you have yet to settle on what kind of pair would best benefit you, we’d be happy to walk you through what we have available in the pro shop.

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